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TD Touchpoint Marketing

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

We work with the Real Estate Industry and take their business to a whole other level of success and growth.
We produce Real Solutions with Real Results. We are Radio, TV, Traditional and New Media Experts.

Listen to what our clients say

I have been working with Tom and TD Touchpoint Marketing for 6 years now! When we first started working with him, our business looked very different. We were at around 1.2 million in GCI, now we are at 10 million in GCI!!

He has helped us with knowing what stations to use, negotiating our arrangements saving us tons on money and helped in acquiring talents/endorsers to do our messages. Tom and his team’s communication speed is AWESOME!

I highly recommend Tom and his team to anyone considering using radio

Sarah Reynolds

CEO and Team Leader, Reynolds Team with Keller Williams - DC Metro Richmond VA

I’ve done a lot of great things with Tom and his Team at TD Touchpoint Marketing.
We first started working together with Tom and TD Touchpoint Marketing back in 2015. Tom helped us with our marketing that included Radio which has been a huge help to us. I didn’t know a thing about Radio. I talked to Tom and I felt comfortable moving forward! He negotiated our deal with the stations and found us some great well-known personalities/talents in the market to do our endorsements. Tom and his team really know that side of the business and was able to save us tons of money. The great thing is he got our phones ringing and it started working pretty quickly. Getting our message to the market place was great. Tom has a good feel for what needs to be said and what message we needed to get across.

So here are our results and how we increased our business since we started with TD Touchpoint Marketing in 2015. Our 1st year we were doing around 150 transaction. 2016 – 245 transactions, 2017 jumped up to 360, and in 2020 we will do over 800!

When we branched off into a new area, Tom advised us to just do radio which was great advice. I now hear this all of the time… Hey Tracy I hear you on the radio all of the time and see you everywhere. We created this…” you are everywhere” feel. And yes, I’ve become somewhat of a celebrity.

I highly recommend Tom and his team if you interested in using radio, TV, Billboards or Social media. If you are trying to increase your business, you need to call Tom and TD Touchpoint first.

Tracy King

Owner , Kings of Real Estate. Severville – Knoxville Tennessee

I’ve been working with Tom and TD Touchpoint Marketing for over 5 years now. Tom has done a really great job helping us take our business to whole other level by using his recommendation with Radio. I had no knowledge on how it worked and Tom walked me through the process. He handled all of the negations with the radio stations and found our Personalities to endorse us. TD Touchpoint takes care of all of our messages to market. I highly recommend that you call Tom and his team at TD Touchpoint Marketing to help you grow your business like he did for us.

Vinny Steo

Team Leader , Steo Team - RE/MAX Components - Baltimore, Maryland

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Success is no longer defined by how many people you reached, but how those people were influenced and responded.

We engage customers with a process that determines key performance indicators to best measure both involvement and media performance. Measuring trust, credibility and brand knowledge is as important as counting clicks, impressions, and visitors.

We will optimize your budget and improve the value of your marketing by building success stories based on meaningful metrics.

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Listening is important which is why we love to listen to your thoughts and dreams, how can we help you to achieve your dreams if we don’t listen?


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